The weather is icky today so I am staying home to work.  I am turning on my electric blanket and sitting with my laptop to work the remainder of the day.!   I took Tommy to school this morning.  We had fun playing with the shaving cream.  Normally he hates getting dirty, but he did ok with this as long as i would wioe his hands clean when he asked.  

After class we went to Toys R Us to get some jeans for Erik.  My hubby hates to see him in old, ill-fitting or worn clothes.  We bought him three pairs of jeans in each size.  If he lived with us full time we would have bought more.   I do plan on buying him quite a bit of new summer clothes.   We throw most things away that have stains, especially his socks!   If they are brown my hubby throws them away.  My hubby is very particular about these things, a bit more than me even.  Anyway, the great deal was that Levi jeans were on sale for 13.90 a pair, but you got 50% off that price, so brand new Levi’s are 6.95 a pair.  Very good deal!  Unfortunately they didn’t have any on clearance in Tom’s size.  My hubby left a message for Eirk’s mom so hopefully she will buy some for Erik too.  Great school clothes at a good price. 

We have started organizing our dump of a basement.  I am very happy with our plans.  We are donating so much.  I am going through the clothes of Josh’s and saving very little for Erik.  I think Erik should have new clothes and not have to wear someone elses hand-me-downs all the time.  I am keeping the nice things that won’t go out of style.  I went through a numberof bins of clothes last night, size 3T, 4T and 14.   

I hope to work a bit more on the basement tonight.  Later gotta get to work!

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