Well I spent the afternoon cleaning off my hard-drive on my laptop.  It is my work computer and they are getting me a new one.  YEAH!! I deleted over 200 files off it already and I am only about through about 1/2 of my folders.  

I decluttered by night stand while hubby cooked supper.  He cooks on Mondays.  I also put the items from my old sewing box into the new one hubby bought me for my birthday.  

The rest of our evening will be pretty uneventful.  It is my free night, so I might work on the basement a bit after I give Tommy a bath and put him to bed.  I still need to clean one more corner out in my bedroom.  Then I have to convince hubby to declutter his magazine pile in our bedroom. 

Well off to put on my jammies and enjoy a eveing doing nothing…..not like I can ever sit still enough to do nothing!

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