Book group was fun last night.  We had a good discussion about the book.  I have started the next book am struggling a bit with it, but I am listening to it on tape, so I should make it through it.

I got home last night at about 10:00.  I pulled into the driveway and could see my hubby was doing something through the picture window.  He sees me and runs to the door and yells, “Hurry I need your help.”  YIKES!!  I get into the house to Tommy covered in puke!  He was sitting on the couch and had puked all over.  He gets very scared when he pukes and once he starts it is hard to get him to stop!   ARGH!!  So for 10:00 until about 4:00am I tended to Tommy and cleaned up puke.  He got our bed (hubby’s side), his bed a couple of times, the couch and the floor!  Finally at 4:00 he was asleep and I went to bed.   So needless to say, we are home today.  He has been doing pretty good this morning.  He won’t eat, but I have gotten him to drink a bit of pedialyte and coke.  He also ate two crackers.  

How we are heading to Mommy’s bed to watch a movie and hopefully take a nap.  WOW, am I tired!  I have a bit of pukey laundry to do today as well!  Never a dull moment in our house.  Later!

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