A long weekend, but it went by very quickly.  This is the first time I have had time to sit down and blog.  

Saturday –

The usual things, slept in a bit and then got up and went to the library, post office and Target for light bulbs.  I took Erik and Tom with me as Josh was sleeping when I was ready to go.  The rest of the afternoon was lunch, and Tommy’s nap.  While Tommy napped I made the menu and grocery list for the next two weeks.  I never go to the grocery store without my menu and coupons done.  After leftover ribs for supper, hubby and I went to get groceries.   We spent 110.00 for two weeks of groceries.  Not too bad, hubby only threw in about 10.00 worth of extras so I figure I was right on budget.  LOL!!!

Saturday night Tommy actually slept through the night.  YEAH!! 


We were up and ready for Church on time except for sleeing beauty, Josh!    He is always making us nearly late.   After church we made grill cheese and soup.  Tommy and I took our afternoon naps.  I got up around 2:00 and got ready to go out with my SIL’s.   We had a great time!!  We went out for our birthdays!  Sunday was my birthday.   We saw the movie “Somethings Gotta give”, very funny!!  Loved it!    Then we went to Applebee’s for drinks and appetizers.  We had a wonderulf time.  I got home around midnight!  I fell into bed only to be woken at 2:00am by my little guy.  He was crying so I brought him to our bed.  He talked, and talked until finally at 6:00am, he finally went back to sleep.  I tried to put him back in his bed about 4 various times throughout the night.  Argh!! 


I nearly over slept for my appointment at the Spa.  I got there just in time.  I had a lovely time.  I had my hair highlighted, cut and my eye brows waxed.  All this while I drank my water from a crystal wine glass and read gossip magazines….AAAAHH…. that is the life!!  My hubby spoils me!!!  He loves my hair long and I cut it short….but he really loves it, so do I!  It is very hip and trendy the way they styled it.  Not like it will ever look like that again.  I can’t ever style my hair like they do!!  Then hubby took me to buy my birthday present.  He bought me a beautiful wooden sewing box.  My plastic one is all cracked, etc.   Then I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping with my SIL.  THere was a fabulous sale at Old Navy so I took hubby and Josh back to get a bunch of winter stuff.  Their polar fleece usually 24-36.00 each were only 6.99.  A great deal.  I got Josh 3 hoodies and 2 for Erik.   My hubby is always wanting to buy better clothes for Erik.  Actually my hubby is pretty particular on how the boys clothes look.  He hates anything too big or old looking. 

Well I just finished my book for book group this week.  msCaffieneaddict  – I really liked the book, Curious Incident of a Dog at Midnight.  I really could relate to the character and thought they really explained his way of thinking very well.  He is my nephew to a tee!!!  LOL!!!  Next up for my book group is Wuthering Heights.   I will listen to that on tape while I drive to work, and will try and finish reading the Davinci Code.  I am off to bed….later all!!! 

Hope you have a wonderful week!!

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