I didn’t do much of my list last night.   I still had such a headache and not feeling the best so I opted for sleep.   Erik called last night, very very disappointing news.  He called to tell his Dad he had stolen again.  He took 5 dollars from his brother.  His grounding got extended and he is writing more in his book.  I was so surprised he had done this again after only 2 days.   This is so out of control and sad.   He takes the dumbest things sometimes too.  I will be calling Fraser Center where we took him for extensive testing to see what the reccommend as we are out of ideas and punishment doesn’t seem to work at all.  I think he has an impulse control problem.  I think he sees something he wants and can’t stop the impulse to take it. 

Well I suppose I should get ready for work.  Only 2 more pounds and I get to go and have my eye brows professionally done!  YEAH!  I have never had that done. 

Tommy slept ok last night.  He went to bed at like 10:00 and woke up at 5:00.  I just looked at him and his eye looks matted and red.  Hmm…will have to have hubby look at it to see if it is pink eye.    Argh…always something. 


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