Well Tommy has pink eye.  It sure is a treat to try and get ointment in a 2 year olds eye by yourself.  I nearly had to sit on him.  So I have another day off of work, and an unplanned one, but probably not a terrible thing since I am recovering from this sinus infection still. 

So Tom and I are home today.  We are going to make cookies once Dora the Explorer is done.  Not sure what else the day will consist of, I suppose I should get my chores from yesterday done and exercise.  Later!

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  1. Oh ugh! Pink Eye! Emily had that. I used a home remedy for a day and then got smart and just headed to the doctor. She was cleared up in no time, but it’s frustrating.

  2. Ugh, sorry to hear about Tommy.  Medicating the little guys is no easy feat, and not for one person!  I feel for you.  We just got over a round of antibiotics for E, and it was a two-person job to give it to him!!

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