I returned to work today.  It wasn’t so bad really, 20 voice mails, 120 emails and a huge stack of mail.   I have gotten through it all except I have a number more phone messages to return.  I am thinking about heading home soon as I still am not feeling the best.  But that could have something to do with my lack of sleep last night. The antibiotics seems to be helping.   I read until about 11:00 and then Tommy woke up at least 3 times through out the night.  ARGH!!! 

Hubby had his neck surgery yesterday and had the lump removed.  They sent it in for biopsy and he returns for a check up in two weeks.   It is a larger incision then I thought they would make, I hope it heals up nicely for him. 

Do you ever have random people say something to you and make your day???  Today two people I work with but don’t see much said to me, “Wow, you have really lost weight.”  I smiled all day.  I didn’t tell them how I gained 2 pounds over the holidays, I jsut smiled for the day.   It has motivated me to keep at it, since these are not people that know I was trying to lose weight.  It is a slow process though, my problem is I don’t eat.  I have to really make myself eat all the meals I need to a day.  You would think that not eating would make you lose weight, but it really puts your body into starvation mode and you don’t lose weight.  So if I eat more food, I lose weight.  Which reminds me, I need to eat my afternoon snack, but of course I am not hungry.  Oh well.



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