I have completed my bedtime routine and it is 9:30.  YEAH!  I plan on doing a little to do list for tomorrow and head to bed.  I am tired and not feeling well, but hope to return to work tomorrow.


  • Declutter/Clean my room
  • Make Menu for next two weeks
  • Fly Lady Missions: 

    1. Sock Pile
    2. Master Bedroom Closet

    3. Fling One shelf of Pantry

  • Prepare 3 outfits for the week
  • Weekly Home Blessing

    1. Toss Old Magazines/Newspapers
    2. Change Sheets
    3. Empty all Trash
    4. Vacuum all Rooms
    5. Sweep & Mop Kitchen and Bath
    6. Clean Mirror and Doors
    7. Dust

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