MOrning…I am so glad yesterday is over, enough birthday parties.  I was surprised my nephew did very well, he has autism so many times big parties are difficult for him.  But he did well.   He even waited very nicely for opening presents.  He sat by me and I came up with riddles for him, he loves that.  He was good about opening presents.  I could tell a couple of things he wasn’t thrilled with especially one card that had Elmo on it, but he didn’t say anything which is really good for him.  He usually says what he thinks.

We got home about 9:00 and got ready for bed.   My SIL called this morning and something of my nephews is missing, some money.  Of course the usual suspect is Erik.  It is getting so difficult to take him anywhere he is always stealing.  We let him sleep over at a friends last time he was here and he stole some ornaments off their tree, and he stole some of his grandpa’s xmas presents as he didn’t think he had enough.   Now we took him to a party and things disappeared again.   I will have to go through him room again.  We will end up punishing him again, this is getting so out of control.   

I have sent him to his room, had him write essays about why he took something, how it made others feel, etc.  NOthing seems to make any difference. 

Time to get ready for church and wake Erik up.  Later!

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  1. *hugs* hope things go ok dealing with Erik. Kira used to take things too, it stopped when she was 11 and the school had a police officer come to her conference! She had been taking things off the teacher’s desks etc. Anyway, I don’t have much advice other than staying strong.

  2. Glad your nephew did so well at his birthday party All those kids can be overwhelming, I know!!!

    Sorry to hear about Eric stealing. That is such a tough one. I don’t have any advice on that one, I wish I could help I’ll keep you guys in my prayers…

    Good luck getting back to work tomorrow!

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