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Well only a few more days left of my vacation and I don’t have as much as I would have liked done.  I am not bothered by that as I have really gotten a much needed break for the routine of work.  On Thursday my parents came to visit.  I spent a couple of hours in the morning cleaning and my SIL came to do laundry.  We sat and watched “Clean Sweep” marathon until my parents came. 

Tommy was excited to see his grandparents and remembered them.  We had steak, potatoes, salad and apple crisp for supper.   After supper we opened out Chrsitmas presents from them and played scrabble.   Hubby won at scrabble.

Off to bed and onto another day!  On Friday I made a big breakfast for my family.  I used my new griddle and made eggs, canadian bacon, hash browns and toast.  Then we all headed to Target to do some shopping, I had a long list of things I needed for various rooms of our house that I had decluttered.   We also took advantage of the toys on clearance and bought all the birthday gifts for the year at daycare.  I also bought a Rescue Heros Mountain for Tommy at half price for either Christmas or his birthday next year.   We found a lot of great deals on toys!  I bought 3 of those Playskool, “major Powers’ (sort of like rescue heros) for $4.94 – they were over 20.00.  Those will make great gifts for daycare.   So hubby needs to put all these toys in the attic for me once I make a list of what I have for everyone.  I will keep a list on the computer this year of gifts as I buy them through out the year.  I also found some vikings sweatshirts on cleanrance at the other Target.   So I have some Christmas shopping already done for next year. 

My parents went home around 3:00 and we took naps.   Erik came for the weekend around 4:00.  His mother didn’t bring any medication for him so should be an interesting weekend.  He has one pill for today, which we will use since he is at a birthday party. 

We sepnt Friday evening playing games.  We taught the boys the play 654.   That was fun.  Then we played uno for a few rounds.  After that we played Hide and Seek with Tommy.  That was fun, he would cover his eyes and count to ten.  We had to hide FAST!!!   He really didn’t like hiding only seeking.  We would have to give clues like cough or say his name.  It was fun, Daddy helped him seek. 

Then it was time for me to pay bills.  Now I am seriously broke until payday again.  I am expecting my mileage check from work though any day now.  We are still recovering from X-mas I guess.  I refused to charge or anything for Christmas, I will not be paying for Christmas in the next year!  I hadn’t counted on paying so much to have the cat spayed.  So things will be a bit tight. 

I spent the rest of the evening As Tommy was suppose to be going to sleep, reserving some books and videos from the library.  I have been getting the Brighter Visisons Learning Adventrue for Tommy each month.  We really like those.  This month we are learning about zoo animals so I checked out a few recommended books about zoo animals.  He is counting to 10 by himself and knows his colors so we are moving onto shapes.  I also reserved a few books about shapes. 


Today is a very busy day!  We will be running errands this morning.  We will go to the library, post office and book store.  I need to buy the book for my bookgroup this month.   At 12:30 we are going to the community center swimming for my nephew’s birthday.   Then we are going to his house at 7:00 for the family birthday party.  SO a very busy day today!    I think I better figrue out something to put in the crockpot.   

Hubby is out of the shower so I best get in there myself and get our day started.  Time to run our errands!  Later!

To be truly happy is question of how we begin and not how we end, of what we wnat and not of what we have. – Robert Louis Stevenson

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  1. My comment got eaten by Xanga…

    I can’t believe Tommy can COUNT TO TEN!!!!!!!!  Incredible!  E’s working on A & B right now…and I’m starting to officially teach him more signs (he’s finally able to start acquiring them)

    I go back to work Monday, too.  I’ve appreciated the slow pace since Christmas week ended.  Makes me realize what a rat race we all run the rest of the year, huh?  Enjoy the final day of vacation

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