Morning, though it is late morning.  I crawled out of bed at about 10:00.  I didn’t drink but two drinks over the course of 5 hours last night so I am feeling good, just tired not use to staying up late.  We had a great time at our neighbors last night.  We had great fondue and played games.  We played this domino game where everything has to add up to 13 and we played 654 for quarters.  The kids kept winning the pot of quarters!   They were saving up for the arcade.  It was alot of fun. 

We had champange to ring in the new year.   Sortly after the new year we came home since Tommy was really tired.   I put him in bed with me and tried to get him to settle down as he was over tired.  He went back to his bed once he fell asleep, but woke up at 7:00am. 

Time to start my day.  I am going to shower, bath Tommy and than clean the house as my parents will be here to visit from South Dakota in a few hours.   I hope to watch a few episodes of Clean Sweep as it is a Marathon of that show today on either learning channel or HGTV.   Should drive my hubby good and batty!   I have to wait until Dora the Explorer is over as Tommy is watching that and enjoys that alot. 

Later!!  Have a great Day!

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  1. Sounds like your family and you had a great New Year! I am happy to hear you had a great time =). Have fun watching your marathon on TV lol. Hope you enjoy your parents being in town :). Happy New Year! , Blair

  2. Sounds like a nice, family new year gathering  E was invited to a “New Year’s Party,” too, given by two sisters at our church (ages 5 & 7).  He was by far the youngest kid there, but these kids tolerated him well, let him run around with them

    Happy New Year, Ostara  Good luck getting ready for your parents!

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