A friend mentioned in a comment, she can’t belive Tommy still naps.  I think that is my problem!!  I think he needs to give up his naps so he will go to bed at a decent time at night and sleep through the night.  Momma needs a full nights sleep!!   He took a 1-1/2 hour nap today and didn’t finally go to sleep until almost 11:00.  ARGH!! And he wakes up nightly at about 3:30am.

Needless to say I didn’t do much else tonight since hubby was at work and Tommy wasn’t about to go to sleep easily. 

I did finish all my list, except for bathing the cats.  I need an extra set of hands to do that, which I didn’t have tonight.  Hubby is at work and Josh went to a friends house until 10:30. 

I am off to bed to read.  I hate going to bed alone, I have not had to do that in about 4 years.  Hubby hasn’t worked nights in about that long.   I think I will read for a bit…….later!

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  1. Ok, I was jealous of Tommy’s naps until I read he wakes up at night…bummer!  Can you guys keep him awake during the day (you probably tried that, I’m sure). 

    Momma DOES need a good night’s sleep!  I hope you get it.

    And whatcha reading?  I’m almost done with the Poisonwood Bible.  It’s been over a month (chipping away at it every night @ bedtime), but I’m THIS close to done! 

  2. How old is Tommy?  My little William just turned 3 two weeks ago and he still naps about 1½ – 2 hours a day.  I do enjoy naptime (I also have a 15 month old) but sometimes bedtime is a struggle for us, too.  I occasionally let him stay awake (he fights naptime) but by 4:30 pm he is so cranky and it doesn’t always guarantee that he will fall asleep easily at 8pm.  The whole naptime/bedtime/going to sleep on their own thing is NOT easy!  Sometimes when he doesn’t have a nap, we take a short drive before bedtime to relax him and sometimes it works ! LOL!

  3. PS  I know your two older boys in the profile picture must be the same as the two boys in your wedding picture – how much they have changed in just 3 years!!  Wow!!  So handsome.

  4. My 4-year-old just got off naps…definitely depends on the kid!  Although, he still kinda needs them come mid-afternoon they effect his bedtime so we switched to ‘downtime’ with a movie.

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