Well I guess I won’t be cleaning in the dining and living room.   Hubby is trying to take a nap so I am banned to the computer room…OH NO!!! LOL!!   I just dropped off my oldest boy and a friend at the mall.  They are going to the arcade for a bit and I will pick them up in two hours.  Tommy is still napping in my bedroom, so it looks like I will be in the office here and start sorting through my paper jungle!!  That could take a while!!

OH..yeah..BTW….I maintained my weight loss over the holidays!!  YEAH!!!  I didn’t lose, but I didn’t gain either!  I am very happy about that.  I will be getting back to my exercise routine and diet this week. 


  • Dust Living and Dining Room
  • Clean Living Room Closet
  • Clean Chandelier in the Dining Room
  • Bath Cats
  • Don’t allow Molly (cat) to eat after 7:00, she has surgery tomorrow morning.

    Those that make the best Use of their Time have none to spare.  –  Thomas Fuller

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