Morning………Tommy slept well last night. In his bed all night. WisconsonMom I agree with you about bringing Tommy into our bed. But after a few nights of no sleep I have to bring him in or I can’t make it to work. I always try to put him back in his bed when he falls asleep. Sometims going to work have to be the priority as we need the money.

Today we are all up, showered and dressed except for Tommy. He is still running around in his pjs. This morning we are going to Breakfast with Santa. I was surprised but Erik wants to go too, so I will take both boys to have breakfast with Santa. My SIL and neice will be going too.

This afternoon I have to go to the library and get a few groceries. After my hubby gets home from work, he and I are going out for the night. We are going out for supper and then doing Christmas shopping. Joshua will be watching the kids for us. I have a funny story to tell about Joshua, but will have to wait till after Santa.

Have a great day! Later!

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  1. Maybe you have to take turns with taking care of Tommy at night when he gets up.  You need your sleep too!  I know it’s difficult and my heart goes out to you, as I had a son who didn’t sleep through the night until his sister was born when he was almost 3!

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