YEAH it is FRIDAY!! I only had Tommy in bed with me once last night. He was up at 7:30 so that wasn’t bad. Last night was Joshua’s school conferences, of course he had forgetten alot of assignments in each class and his grades reflect that. I am not sure if the new forgetfulness is related to having a gf now or not. Either way he is off the computer for a while and is making up all the fogotten work over the weekend. It is so disappointing since he is such a bright kid, but such a slacker! He said to me last night, “why do you ALWAYS have to go to conferences, the other parents don’t!” Hmmm….becuase I am a caring parent that wants to know what is going on in your life! He should be used to it by now I have never missed a conference yet, though he wishes I would! So in his mind I am the over protective and over involved parent. Must be hard being so loved….jsut gets in the way!

Well I best get to work. Have a great day! Later!

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  1. Oh my you seem to have described my son to a T!!!!! Slacker……and intelligent.  I am SO frustrated because Brian could really go far and do something with his life, but he’s not interested in putting forth ANY effort!  Have a great weekend!

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