We are home from seeing Santa. Tommy and his counsin Kristi both did very well with Santa. We took some great pictures that I will have to share soon. Neither one was scared as in previous years. Erik also wanted his photo taken with Santa, so we did.

Now it is quiet time at our home. Erik went to his cousin’s to play, Tommy is taking his nap and I think I will join him. Josh is hanging out in his room.

Tomorrow we are gettting our family pictures taken. I have to buy a new shirt for Erik and I tonight so we all match better. My SIL always helps me pick out the clothes for the pictures. The only problem is Erik’s hair. It is cut so uneven and I hate to take him to the barber as then it will be so short. Please parents, don’t cut your children’s hair at home around the holidays. ARGH!! I will have to see what we can do to make it presentable, one side is longer than the other too. Poor kid! I took both Tommy and Josh to get their hair cut the other day and they look very nice still. I don’t attempt to cut the kids hair, not a place I want to save money at.

Well time for my nap.

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  1. sounds like your busy busy busy wow I bet you find something to fix his hair withand dont feel bad I used to cut my own hair till I saw what I did to it lol it was a bad site to see lol I got a good laugh out of it that was for surelol. I hope your pictures turn out wonderful and have a great weekend~!

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