I GOT IT, I GOT IT!!! My friend finally posted her mom’s recipe for this wonderful shrimp mold!! YUMMY!! YUMMY!! She brought it to our house for a party. It was a huge hit!

Shrimp Mold

Source of Recipe

Leila Stanley (Deb’s Mom)

o 1 large package cream cheese
o 1 can tomato soup
o 2 packages Knox gelatin, plain
o 1/4 cup water
o 1/4 cup shrimp juice
o 1/2 cup green or red pepper
o 1 small onion
o 1 cup mayonnaise
o 1 cup shredded shrimp

1. Heat soup and cream cheese until smooth.
2. Add shrimp juice.
3. Dissolve gelatin in 1/4 cup water.
4. Mix with soup; let cool while ou cut up rest of ingredients.
5. Dice celery, onion, green pepper.
6. Add shredded shrimp.
7. Put all ingredients into soup and mix well.
8. Add mayonnaise; pour into mold.
9. Put into refrigerator until set.
10. When ready to serve, unmold onto platter; surround with crackers.
11. Use as spread.

Keeps well in refrigerator for week or more.

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