I am working from home today, but between the things I need to get done, I will probably only get 4 hours in and have to take vacation for the rest. We will see. I went in and had my depo shot this morning. Tommy was up again last night, even with me giving him Motrin before bed. So I am taking him to the clinic to have his ear checked at 4:20. He is at daycare right now. I am sure they will tell me it is only teething, but after taking to the ER a few weeks ago with a nearly ruptured ear drum I am a bit nervous. Our peds is wonderful so I know he will put me at ease.

Tonight we have church, Families First. I have some flyers for upcoming Mommy and Me events to put up at church as well. I should have gotten them out earlier, but oh well. I have been swamped. I received the Christian Parenting magazine in the mail today. I just skimmed it but found some interesting articles.

I am finally back into reading. AAAH….I am really enjoying Crow Lake, which my book group is discussion this month. I am also listening to “I know this much is true”, also very good. I enjoyed Little Women too and hope to continue my listening of the classics. I was thinking of getting the bible on tape to listen to that all as well. We will see…….

I best get some more work done. Have a great rest of your day. I am sure I will sneak back on in a bit! Later!

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