Spring has not yet reached Minnesota.   We keep getting little sneak peaks of Spring…soon to be followed by snow!  It is April 22nd and is suppose to snow again tomorrow.  I am finding it harder and harder to find the beauty in the newly fallen snow.   This morning I can see grass in the front yard.  Tomorrow it will be covered in snow.  I am ready to feel the sun warming my face!   The robins have returned and are confused, but are weathering our weird weather.


Tommy and I spend time in the morning enjoying the Robins in the crab apple tree.  They are eating last years berries and hoping for spring as are we!!  


Tommy is continuing to enjoy taking pictures.  We discovered this odd looking robin at least we think it is a robin.  He has a odd speckle head and he was pretty mean to the other robins.  Have you even seen a robin like this???



The next day the ducks came to visit to eat some bread we left in the front yard. 

Our weekend was very enjoyable, but much too short.  Tommy, Daddy and some friends went to MN United FC vs. Edmonton game on Saturday afternoon.   MN won 2 to 0.  Tommy loves his soccer games.   We finally found time to even buy Tommy new cleats, which we have been meaning to do for weeks. 

 On Saturday evening, we celebrated Grandpa’s 87th Birthday!


The Birthday Boy!

He enjoyed his requested birthday meal of Corned Beef and Cabbage and his party with family, but was pretty tired and headed right to bed after the party. It brings him so much joy to be surrounded by his family! Certainly the highlight of the weekend.

021 019

Our great nephew, Ryan came over to visit and celebrate Great Grandpa’s Birthday. It was great to see him. We had not seen him since Christmas. He is getting so big!

I just realized we will be having our first Great-Great Niece this year.  My nephews daughter is having a baby….it is amazing how families continue to grow.  Family is such a blessing.

Saturday was our day to run errands, purchase groceries and prepare for the upcoming work week. Seems the work week has arrived so I better get Tommy up and ready for school. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your families and chin up, I hear Spring might make an appearance this coming weekend. 



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