A Week of Random Act of Christmas Kindness

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We continue to perform Random Acts of Christmas Kindness, but I can’t seem to find time to blog about them.   We were not always able to complete the act we had planned, but always found something that we could do to bless someone each and every day!
Acts of Christmas Kindness this week include:
Drive Thru Difference – paid for the lunch of the car behind us at Wendy’s drive through.  It took a bit to convince the drive thru employee this was what we wanted to do!  He said to us, “What do I tell the guy??”  Hubby and I looked at each other and said, “Merry Christmas!”
Shoveling – I will admit this Random Act was completely done by my hubby and sons while I was in bed.  Hubby and the boys went to the church at 6:45am to shovel before the congregation and I came to service!   We experienced a big snow storm in Minnesota and had about 14 inches of snow during that storm.  There was ALOT of shoveling going on!
Treats to church staff – we are blessed with wonderful church staff and brought them treats one morning to let them know how much we appreciate them.
Our furnace needed repair, so of course we blessed the repairman with homemade caramels!  It was cute, he said as I gave them to him, “My grandfather used to make caramels.”  It was nice to remind him of that memory!
Treats and notes of encouragement to friends!  We are blessed with such amazing people in our lives.  It was a great time to remind them how wonderful they are.  We hope we brightened their days.
Generous tip to the Jimmy John’s delivery man.   I order Jimmy Johns about once a month and have it delivered to my office.   I usually have the same delivery man, so this time I gave him a 100%+ tip.  He started to give me change and I said, “Keep the Change”.   He looked at me and said in disbelief, “Are you serious??”   I told him, “Yes, Merry Christmas”   I can’t tell you how many people meet kindness with disbelief.  
Random Act of Christmas Kindness: Day 14
Today is such a sad day, that I felt the need to bless others with my youngest son!
Our first stop was at Festival to buy two small poinsettias.   We took these to St John’s hospital and gave them to the head nurse to give to patients she felt needed a little brightening of their day!
Next stop – Maplewood Mall
Tommy and I armed ourselves with Coloring books, Crayons and Matchbox cars. We went to the play area near the food court and gave out gifts to families/children there.   We would ask the parents if we could give their child a gift as a random act of kindness.   All said, “yes”.  I was happy to empty our bag as it was HEAVY!  
I found it interesting that one Dad asked me, “What church are you with??”   Hmmm…did we have to be Christians to be doing nice things?   Well, of course we are,and I told which church we attended but I did find the question interesting.   I explained to him that my family is trying to do a Random Act of Kindness each day to shift our focus this Christmas from receiving to giving.  We want to teach our son about compassion, generosity and the true meaning of Christmas.  
Another Dad asked us if we were sure we wanted to give his little girl the coloring book.  Of course we did!!  Merry Christmas dear families – hug those little ones near as they are such blessings.
We had quarters that we used to fill all the little kid candy machines.  While we were filling them two little boys came up and I pointed out to them that there were already quarters in the machines and they should turn the knob!  Oh, the smiles those quarters produced!!  I was impressed that they each turned only two, as every machine had quarters in them!
We had a few quarters left so we taped the exact change to the pop machines too!   I will admit we got a few weird looks, but we have never prided ourselves on being normal!
If being kind is not normal……we don’t want to be normal!
We hope your Christmas season is filled with peace & joy! 

Merry Christmas!!

The Coyan Family – Lighting up WBL with Kindness



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