Tommy Helps The Homeless


How did this all start??  Each member of our family came up with 5 Acts of Kindness to bless our community. We are participating in Light ‘Em Up 2012 – Families Lighting Up The Community with Kindness this holiday season. While we were driving by the Maplewood Mall, Tommy said, “I want to buy clothes for the homeless.” My initial reaction was to tell him no and have him come up with an easier idea. This isn’t about easy, it is about kindness and helping the homeless was on our son’s heart. 

So we called Union Gospel Mission in St Paul and they said he could help with the holiday kits for the men at the mission. 

1.  Tommy wrote a letter to his school mates. (See Below) 



My name is Tommy Coyan.  I am in the 5th grade at Magnuson Christian School.

Our family is trying to do Random Acts of Christmas Kindness to count down to Christmas Day.

The Random Act of Christmas Kindness I chose is helping the homeless.  I wanted to do this because it seems like the right thing to do.

I want to collect items for the homeless at Union Gospel Mission.The homeless then will get a kit with all the stuff they need.

In the month of November I will be collecting donations.  I have a box in the hallway for donations for Union Gospel Mission.


What to Donate?




Bar soap

Dental floss

Winter hat

Winter socks



Chap stick

Nail clipper

Winter gloves


Shaving cream


White socks

Candies – Individually Wrapped

Thank You for your Help!

Tommy Coyan


Note from Tommy’s Parents:

When our son said he wanted to help the homeless, my first thought was this is too big!  But after talking to the wonderful folks atUnion Gospel Mission, we realized our son could help and make a difference to the individuals he wanted to help.

Union Gospel Mission is a Christian ministry dedicated to serving the homeless, poor, and addicted in our community. By meeting physical, spiritual, emotional, and educational needs, their Mission is changing lives!

Thank you for helping our son to learn that even a young boy can make a difference in the world.



2.  Tommy makes the donation box for school.



3.  Tommy works on his poster!



4.  Tommy sets up his donation drop box at school for Union Gospel Mission.


This has been a wonderful project for me to witness. Tommy has the kindest heart, which is evident through this project.  That little guy sure blesses my heart in so many way!


Would you like to help, Tommy???

Family and Friends have asked us how can they help Tommy.    If you are family or friends from out of town you can mail him a monetary donation and he will shop for items for Union Gospel Mission!!

If you are local friends and family, you can drop something off at our house!!   He will be taking donations until after Thanksgiving.   We need to take the collected items to Union Gospel Mission by December 1st. 



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