Back to School Series……

 I have beeing working on easing back into my household routines before school starts.   I wrote a blog post about balancing it all….which is so hard to do!  I continue to struggle with the balance, but feel like I am making progress.  This last week, I feel like I have done better overall with completing my routines.  I did my daily routine a couple of times and did complete my weekly cleaning schedule.  Unfortunately, insteading of cleaning a bit each day, I again spent my weekend doing my cleaning schedule.  My goal for this week is to work on trying to do more during the week to have my weekends free. 

As I do each year, I am getting ready to start my back to school series.    Next week I will be sharing some posts on getting prepared for the new school year.  Below you will find some ideas of items to complete “Three Weeks” before school starts.  


Get a family calendar the whole family can share  – set it up
Make Back to School Appointments – Dr, Eyes, Dentist
Find out school orientation times and other school meetings – enter into calendar
Go through clothing closets and drawers – check uniforms
Get the school supplies list from school or classroom teacher
Finish Back to School Shopping 
Create a family binder
Make a plan about what to do with school papers and artwork (address paper control issues)

Stop by later this week and next week as I share blog posts about the following topics:

  • Creating calendar central –
  • Creating a Family Binder – I have been meaning to complete this task for over a year.  Let’s do it together and all our families will be more organized this school year. 
  • Conquer the Paper Pile Up – This is an area I struggle with.  I don’t think I have completely dealt with last years papers.   I need to get a system set up before this years papers start coming in or once again I will be bured alive in papers!

I am looking forward to preparing for the new school year with you!   Here is a a wonderful, organized school year!!

Happy Summer!!

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