Is Your Bedroom an Oasis??????????????

I was reading an article on about how your bedroom should be an oasis.  Well, my bedroom is where I dump things without a home.   I decided on my last vacation day, I needed to spend time making our bedroom feel more like an oasis.  I still have areas I need to de-clutter in each room, but this is a nice improvement overall in the condition of our bedrooms. 

I forgot to take before pictures of my bedroom.   I actually woke up this morning and looked around my room and thought how my bedroom didn’t feel relaxing at all.  I started thinking I would just take care of the pile of magazines next to the bed.   Then maybe I would just clean off my bedside table…..and on and on until my room was pretty clean.   I didn’t clean hubby’s shelves or bedside table.   Hopefully, I will be able to get him to do that soon. 


 A manageable pile of library books on the bedside table
and the book I am currently reading on the headboard.   I do try
to make my bed each morning.  I changed my quilt and bedding.
I love the first night sleeping on clean sheets! 


Good thing I cleaned out the corner between the dressers. I found
a Vikings jersey that I had bought for Tommy’s birthday last year,
which I forgot to give to him.   Luckily, it will still fit him. 

When I clean I totally clean off a area or shelf and then sort the items
into categories.  I use the categories of toss, donate, return to another
area of house, and belongs here!  This is my second “return to
another area of house” box from my bedroom.   I also had one garbage bag full
of toss items from my bedroom as well. 


The dresser is where I put things of Tommy’s that I find in the house. 
I guess Tommy never got around to putting things away.

Actually, Tommy’s room was not too bad. You can see alot of floor and
that is generally not the case!


I cleaned the floor up and tossed alot of junk out the room.
I decided not to tackle the shelving unit today. I didn’t want to
spend my entire day cleaning bedrooms. 

His dresser is still a bit cluttered, but he likes to display some
favorite things.

Bedding, including comforter all washed!! I don’t think I have
shared pictures of the completed murals I painted in Tommy’s room.
I am finally done painting them just in time for him
to want a MN sports themed room now.

4 bags of stuff to be donated! 

I love before and after pictures.  Makes me feel like I accomplished something.  I also look at the after more closely in a picture then in person.  I know I have more to do, but I am looking forward to spending some time in my oasis with a candle burning, reading my book! 

I hope you find your oasis from the chaos of day to day life.  We all deserve a bit of pampering to rejuvenate our energies!

Be Well………..


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