My Week In Review – 5/13

Hello – no you are not seeing things, it is me!!   I am working very hard to get back to a regular blogging schedule. I certainly miss my interaction with all my Xanga friends. I spend what little time I have for online socializing on Facebook.

Here is my week in review…………………….

Saturday: I spent the morning cleaning up around the house in preparation of my parents coming to visit. I had not seen my parents since Thanksgiving so was looking forward to seeing them. Tommy attended a friend’s birthday party from 10:45 until 2:00. He had a great time the party. The had the Twin Cities Game Theaterthere. This is a mobile game party, what little boy doesn’t like video games.

My parents arrived in the afternoon. We opened presents from Christmas, Birthdays and Mother’s Day. We tried something new for supper, we had pulled pork. I had gotten up at 4:00am to put the pork loin into the crockpot. The entire recipe took 14 hours to complete, but was very good.

After supper we played Wits & Wagers, a very fun game.

Sunday morning we all went to church for Mother’s Day together. Tommy had his last day of Sunday School for this school year. After church we came home and I made some Taco soup before my parents headed back to South Dakota. After my parents left I spent the rest of Mother’s Day having a nap and working on my other blog, Reading in White Bear Lake. Hubby gave me 2 dozen of the most beautiful roses and a lovely card. Tommy purchased me a cooking scale. Josh renewed the domain name for Reading in White Bear Lake, that he purchased for me as a gift.

I enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing day. Hubby made a wonderful supper of Parmesan Crusted Tilapia, cheese Risotto and mixed veggies. It was delicious!

Monday- after work, we all went over to see grandma (hubby’s mom) for Mother’s Day. We brought her a nice calla lily and visited for a while. By the time we left there we were all starving.
So we went to Great Moon Buffet for supper. We so rarely go out to eat so this was a real treat. Tommy LOVES Asian food.

By the time we got home it was time for bed, after I watched my recorded episode of Brother’s and Sisters. A great season finale and of course it had me crying. Sarah can be so cruel on the show. And I felt so sorry for Luke, he really wanted his Dad at the wedding. But was very happy that Sarah allowed her Dad to walk her down the aisle.

Tuesday: – was unremarkable….Hubby and I finally paid our bills. We continue to follow the teachings of Dave Ramsey.  We pay our bills together each week and work out our budget for the week. Due to being busy on Saturday we didn’t have our budget meeting as usual.   This is the first tie we didn’t have our weekly budget meeting before the weekend. But things still went fine. We continue to make good progress towards becoming debt free. 

I was in alot of pain on Tuesday. As my longtime readers, might remember I was in a severe car accident 7 years ago. I have struggled with neck and back pain for those 7 years. I now have added migraines to the mix.   My hubby is wonderful and understanding, even when I get so crabby due to the pain.  

the windsheild and roof my head met 7 years ago.   OUCH!  I always amazed how well the roof maintained considering that I rolled the truck completely over.

Wednesday – last week I saw my regular Dr about my frequent migraines that I have been experiencing.  I was referred to Physician’s Neck and Back Clinic in Woodbury.   Today was my initial exam and appointment there.   The Dr felt their aggressive physical therapy will help me and alleviate my migraines headaches.  After my exam from the Dr I worked with the Physical Therapist for a bit. She  reviewed stretches with me and put me in what they call the neck machine.   Isolates everything, but your neck muscles.  I lifted a few weights in the neck machine and then was done.  At the time it didn’t seem to bad.   I went home after the therapy and 6 hours later I had a terrible headache and had alot of pain. 

Josh was wonderful and came home and helped me to pick up the snacks for Movie night at the school.  While laying down I worked on our menu and shopping list.  After supper, Hubby helped me to get groceries.  I was so glad to get that all done and be able to lay down!

Thursday – I barely did any therapy on Wednesday, but I was really in pain on Thursday.  It was very hard to get through the work day and remain sitting at my desk.  I left work early because I needed to volunteer at church. After volunteering I came home and rest for a bit before needing to go to the MPTP board meeting. I lasted over an hour at the meeting, which considering how I had been feeling all day, that was good.  

Then home to watch my recording on American Idol with my hubby.   While watching Tommy and I did my back exercises. I can’t believe that James was voted off of American Idol. I was so disappointed!! ARGH.

Friday….so glad to see the weekend around the corner!   This morning I had my first Physical Therapy session.   I worked on two of the medical machines, the neck and back machines.  Then I worked on three other machines, abdominal machine, back machine and an arm one.  I don’t know what they were called.  It was a good workout, broke a sweat and though painful at times, was ok.  

After my session I had to go to work for two home visits.  I headed to Burnsville and Rosemount and them finally home for our weekend to start!!!!!    I made these interesting sandwiches for supper, can’t decide if I liked them out not.   Hoagie bun with poppy seed dressing, turkey, apple slices and provolone cheese.   For movie night we watch Yogi Bear.

Our weekend is looking very good.  We have no where to be…which is very appreciated.  My plans for the weekend are to get caught up on laundry and reading!  I have two books to finish for book groups this month and one I have not even started!   the first book, The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet I need to have done by the 17th. The other book, The Secret Kept I need to have done by the 26th.

Josh-baby   Oh, I almost forgot to mention the one important thing we will be doing on Sunday!   This cute little guy is going to be celebrating his 23rd Birthday!!  

Happy Birthday, Joshua!!!

Love you!!!








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Be Well………………….

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