Must Return to Blogging….A Christmas Blog???

  This evening I was remembering why I started blogging so many years ago. I seem to have lost sight of that.  I started this blog when I became pregnant with Tommy after years of infertility.  I wanted to record the milestones of my children and family.  (sometimes to my children’s horror)  I have gotten away from blogging as it is easier to just put a status on facebook.  By doing that I am losing what was so important to me about blogging.   I can’t seem to keep a diary or scrapbook, so this blog has always been my virtual scrapbook of sorts.  

The last time I blogged with a real update instead of a menu plan was way back in November.   Alot has happened since them!  I hope to at least have a monthly blog at the very least.  I don’t want to forget any of the wonderful moments with my children/family. 

November – for the first time in years we went home to South Dakota to spend Thanksgiving with my parents.  It was a very enjoyable visit.  I was also able to see one of my brothers (Dan) and his wife (Becky) as well as my niece and her family.  I love seeing my great nephews and am sad I am only see them about once a year.

Tommy with my great nephews (Samuel and Gracen). 

 The little boys are at such a fun age!   Tommy and I hope to return to SD this summer to spend more time with my family.  My brother and I took everyone bowling and if I remember correctly I believe little Gracen won!!!

DECEMBER – Christmas……………………..

Brothers watching a movie together.

We have continued to keep up our tradition of Family Movie night each Friday.  We are all looking forward when it is summer and we can begin movie night outside again!   But I am glad my boys will have these memories of watching movies together.  

Family Christmas with Paul’s family was at our house as it is each year.  Everyone what here to celebrate with us, including one new addition to the celebration, Liz, Joe’s girlfriend. 

Joe and Liz

Erik – age 18

Erik came over to join us in the the family Christmas celebration.  It was good to see him as he does not visit very often since moving to his mom’s house.  .

            Hubby and his Mom

Grandma (Paul’s Mom) was able to leave the nursing home to celebrate the holidays with her family.  It was such a blessing to have her and my Father in Law together to celebrate the holidays with their family.

My Father in Law and BIL, Dan. 

Christmas Program – Tommy was a King in the School Christmas Program with a small speaking role.  Tommy is in red.


More videos coming…………………………………………..

Our Christmas………..


(the boys before heading to Christmas Eve service)


The usual spread of appetizers on Christmas Eve!  YUMMY!!!


I made Tommy a fleece blanket for Christmas which had the Vikings on one side and on the other, MN Twins.  His two favorite sports teams.  I was down to making this gift hours before Christmas break began for him.  I took time off over Christmas and enjoyed my time with Tommy.   It was a much needed break for me.

The holidays always remind me that the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.   I do feel very blessed all year round.

Well that updates my faithful readers to January, 2011.  I hope to get caught up very soon!!  I have some exciting news to share in future updates.  How is that for a cliff hanger????


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