Budget Update: Weekly Groceries


Hubby and I went grocery shopping today after planning our menu.   We only used money we had on gift cards so that meant we stayed within budget.   YEAH!!  

Since hubby’s parents have moved to Stillwater we have been going to the Walmart Superstore after we are done at Aldi.  Aldi is still cheaper, but Walmart Superstore seems to be cheaper than Cub Foods.  

I spent the following to plan our menu for the next 8 days.  We feed between 5-6 people each night. We have a open door policy so we never know who will show up

Walmart 1/28 –   $11.12
Aldi – 1/30     –   $ 94.52
Walmart –           $ 42.61

Total –            $148.25 / 18.53 per day or 129.00 per week.  

I want to keep our household budget down to 125.00 a week, but have not been able to maintain that.   The price of food has increased and we continue to eat the same amount.   I still know I am doing better than I would if I didn’t plan a menu each week.   Hopefully next week will be better.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!!!


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