Recipe: Grilled BBQ Ribs


Grilled BBQ Ribs



Country Style Pork Ribs
BBQ Sauce any brand
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
2 TBSP Honey
Seasoning of choice  (Emeril’s Essence Original)
Apple Juice

Take a broiler pan and fill the bottom section of the broiler pan about half full of  Apple Juice. On the top section (the part with the slits) lay out your ribs. Rub the ribs with Emeril’s Essence Original seasoning.

Cover the pan with foil and fold edges under to seal in the steam as they cook. Place in a 300 oven for 2 ½ to 3 hours. Remove foil carefully as steam will be hot. Now all the grease is down in the bottom of the pan with the apple juice, the ribs are completely cooked and tender.

All you need to do is finish them up on the grill .  Add honey and brown sugar to any barbecue sauce. For grill place ribs on grill and coat with you favorite sauce. Grill on each side just a few minutes until crispy. 

**Recipe from Mommy’s Kitchen’s Blog

Happy Grilling !!



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