Our Weekend: August 27th

  Friday – Outdoor movie night with friends and family!   Tommy was finally better after 2 weeks of being sick.  Allergies are still bothering Tommy and I, but it seems to be getting better.

Saturday – we decided to do some outings!  Our summer is almost over and we have not done hardly any outings.  So off we went……………………first stop……Noodles and Company for lunch.


This was Tommy’s first time eating at Noodles and Company.  Since he was still feeling a bit under the weather he and I shared a meal.  He loved the chopsticks! 

Next stop…was a great hobby shop, my friend, Michelle told us about located in little Canada.   untitled

This store is packed full of stuff, so it took us a long time to go through it.  We didn’t even finish!   We bought a board game, snap together models and army guys.  Tommy enjoyed going there!




cats-and-dogs-the-revenge-of-kitty-galoreLastly, we went to the movie.  I had free passes for the movie since Christmas.  So we went to see Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore. 

 We rarely go to a movie at the theater so this was a treat for Tommy.  We do rent movies frequently from the Red Box, but it is just too expensive to go to the theater. 

That was our busy Saturday!!!




SUNDAY – we went to church and then came home to have a quick lunch.  After lunch we went out to go geocaching.   What a great way to discover your town and local parks, searching for hidden caches.  We visited a number of parks and found 3 caches.  It was great to get the kids outside for a bit and hunting for treasure!


Tommy and our nephew, Kaleb getting ready to find the cache in this park, Apple Tree Park.  One of the new parks we discovered.


More Geocaching fun…..we could not find the one at this park!!


“Look, Mom, I FOUND IT!!! ” – another cache successfully found. 

We were hot and tired and ready to head home!  So we went home to make supper!  Hubby and I make baby back ribs!  Yummy!!  They were very good.  I will share the recipe and our BBQ technic in a post later!


It was a wonderful weekend spending time with my guys!  I could not ask for anything better.  We are planning a few outings for next weekend to enjoy our last weekend of summer.  School starts on Sept 7th for Tommy.  Can you believe my little guy will be in the 3rd grade?? 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! 


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  1. I can’t believe how big Tommy is! He’s the same age as my neice. What a wonderful weekend you had with the family, but it made me tired just reading about it.  Have a great day!

  2. Love al the pics.  Your nephew is a giant!  Love his happy smile.

    Love the new profile pic!  Your son looks so much like you.

    The barbecue looks fantastic!

    My son loves the PlayMobile stores and all thier fun little toys.

    Geochaching does sound like so much fun.  I know it’s a hobby gaining in popularity, gets you out of the house, exlporing!  We haven’t tried it yet, but talk about doing so!

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