Menu Plan: July 24 – August 8th

Hello Everyone –  This is my first menu plan using the new menu plan service,  It sure made my planning easy this morning.  I like that!  I gave the menus to my hubby and he marked the ones he wanted to try.  I figured out which days they would work best based on if I was home or not.   And I am done!!  YEAH!!


My garden is producing cukes, so today I need to make some refrigerator pickles.  A family favorite.  Now, if I could only find the recipe!  Hubby will be so happy, this was a recipe I had actually added to our online cookbook of family favorites!  Whew!! 

Saturday – Lunch – on the go – grocery day
Supper:  Grilled Shrimp/Cran-Peach Romaine Salad (e-mealz -334)  (Good – Add to Site)

Sunday –
Supper:  Chicken Pesto / Salad/ Glazed Carrots

Monday – Home Late – Paul Cooking – Cheddar Bacon Hamburgers/Pasta Salad/Watermelon Slices (e-mealz -332)

Tues – Quick Chicken Quesadillas/Watermelon/Tortilla Chips (e-mealz -334)

Wednesday – Easy Parmesan Pasta/ Cream-Corn Cornbread (e-mealz -334)

Thursday – Stir Fry Kits/Steamed Rice/Crescent Rolls 

Friday -(Movie Night)
Supper:  Pepperoni and Cheese Crescents/ Salad

Saturday – July 31st
Beans and Franks/ Mom’s Mac and Cheese

Sunday- August 1- Lunch – Cobb Salad
Supper:  Slow Cooked Ham  Mac and Cheese/ Carrots

Monday (Working Late) – Spicy Pork Chops Over Steamed Rice/Italian Green Beans (e-mealz -334)

Tuesday – Easy Cheeseburger Pie/Fries/ Watermelon (e-mealz -334)

Wednesday – Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla/ Corn Tortilla Chips (e-mealz -335)

Thursday – Italian Skillet/ Italian Salad/ Garlic Bread (e-mealz -335)

Friday (Movie Night) – Deli Turkey and Cheese Bagels/ Chips (e-mealz -335)

Saturday – Chinese Pork Roast/ Steamed Rice/ Stir-Fry Vegetables/Egg Rolls (e-mealz -335)

Sunday – Creamy Pork Casserole/ Peas/Cantaloupe (e-mealz -335)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!  Just remember that a bit of planning will sure make your week go smoother and give you more free time!

Happy Eating!!!

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