Grocery Budget Update……

dbet  I am trying harder to tighten up our budget here at home.   We have a number of projects we would like to save money up to complete.   I have also borrrowed from my Christmas fund and need to pay that back too.   I made my menu for the next 16 days.  My goal is to keep my budget at approximately $100/week to feed my family. 

I stretched the period of time between grocery shopping trips.  I started this weekend with 422.34 in the grocery budget.   I am saving up some money to buy a case of ground beef at Sam’s soon.  That usually costs over $100.00.  

I bought the regular pack, mega meat pack and small ham at Fare For All.  Fare For All is a cooperative food buying program open to everyone.  Our Church is a Fare For All Express distributor, so I try to participate monthly in this program. 

Grocery Shopping for 6/26/10

Fare For All  –        $42.00
Bread Thrift Store – $ 6.00
Aldi –                   $ 103.75
Cub Foods           $  52.52

Total Spent for 16 days –  $204.27/16 = 12.77/day or 89.39/week 

Happy Savings!!



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  1. Jesse knows someone in a butcher department at a grocery store. They have had two huge meat sales and Jesse was there to gather the bounty. We only have to buy staples at the grocery stores in between “meat runs”. Like you, I’m saving money for something else and the grocery budget is the most obvious place to cut back.

    You’re an inspiration!

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