The Great Garage Clean: End of Day 3

Well, it is the end of day three of the great garage clean.   I am very happy with our progress today and I even left to a Dr’s appointment this afternoon that took way too long.   I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful hubby and kids.  Grateful they are willing to help me!  I don’t know what I would do without them. 


Josh thought this would help sell the pool….I think the slide is a better option!  LOL!

IMG_1904 IMG_1909

We took a little break and rode the scooter up and down the street.  It was great way to too cool off.


Yep, that is right I am in the garage and can put my arms out and not touch anything!!!  WOO HOOO!


This is our sell pile – two rows deep.   We are only doing a one day sale, but I don’t know if I have room to get it all out at once.  We will see!


Take a good look at this one.  This is not a trick photo that is actually a car in the garage.  I can’t remember the last time that happened.  Could be years ago…….


Relaxing after a long, but very productive day!!!!  It feels so good to have it all sorted and priced! 

Tomorrow – we will go through some things in the house and price them.   Should be a much shorter day. 

Friday – set up for the sale…..hopefully particpate in the Manitou Days Parade.

Saturday….the big sale – hope a majority of the things find a new home!


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  1. I had to laugh at your comment about pulling the car into the garage! We currently have Jesse’s pick up truck in ours, and I believe that to be a miracle!

    I wish you much success on Garage Sale Day!!!

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