0 thoughts on “Tommy’s Piano Recital – 6/13/10

  1. What a wonderful opportunity for him – both playing and playing for an audience! I’m envious and wish we could get a piano and start our girls with lessons. I’m very proud of Tommy – he did a great job!

  2. We have one too. I didn’t realize anyone would give piano lessons to someone without the old fashioned type of piano in their home. Something about getting the feel for the finger pressure on the keys and using the pedals. I’ll have to make some calls. You’ve given me hope.

  3. @cherylyn_p – My son takes lesson through his school music teacher.   I have no room for a piano, nor could we afford one.  He took three years of lessons on his keyboard.  He does not want to continue to take lessons now, so I am very sad about that.  He actually has a very good ear and has some natural talent I never did. 

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