March 29th – April 3rd


I am so happy it is beginning to feel like Spring here in Minnesota!  Last week went pretty well, but I was not home for any of the meals.   Work was crazy and I was trying to meet my deadlines.   This week will be very similar.  I am home every morning until our PCA comes after she is done with classes.  So hopefully I will get alot done each morning and work for at least 6 hours at the office eaach evening.   So I might have to change my menu up a bit, as I need things hubby can just throw in the oven in my absence. 


I made two new things last week and both were hits!!   The kids all really like the Broccoli Casserole.  It was very easy to make.  I went to a friends house on Friday night and made the Sandwich Ring for everyone before I left.  They said it was really good, but I will have to make two or three in the future if it is going to be a Friday Movie Night Meal. 



29 – Country Ham and Cheese Macaroni Casserole – Carrots


30 –  Swiss Chicken   / Mixed Vegetables


31 – Cheese Quesadillas – Spanish Rice





Short Cut Chicken Cordon Bleu / Gr Beans


French Bread Pizza


Slow Cooked Pork Chops –  Quick Seasoned Rice  – Green Beans (Crock Low 6-8 Hours)


4 – Easter Sunday – Slow Cooked Ham


5- BISCUITS  AND GRAVY (Family Fav)/ Scrambled Eggs


For more Menu Planning inspiration stop by and visit Laura at Organizing Junkie and participate in Menu Plan Monday.  Weekly over 400 bloggers share what they have on their menu. 


Happy Eating!!

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  1. #29, the ham casserole . . . It is also good to add mixed vegetables to it and chunks of hard boiled eggs. Right before it’s down, place slices of hard boiled egg on top and return to the oven for a few minutes.

    I’ve been making that for years!

    Thanks for more recipe ideas! My family loves you, Jen! LOL!!!

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