Grocery/Sam’s Expenses for February

Grocery Shopping and Sam’s Club Expenses for February:

Sam’s Club – 194.73

Aldi – $242.78

Festival – 61.39

$498.90/ 4 = $124/ Week 

I am a bit over budget this month, but I am ok with that.  We ate mostly out of the pantry last month  and spent around $80 per week all of last month.   We were out of so much and had more things than normally needed at Sam’s.   I am sure next month will be lower again since things are all restocked again.  

I still prefer shopping for the month at a time.  It really is a time saver and money saver for me.   Check out our monthly Menu to see what we will be eating in February and get some inspiration for your own menu! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!



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