Grocery Shopping Success………………..

I am very happy to report that hubby and I stayed within our budget for grocery shopping for the next two weeks.  We had so much food here at home, that we knew we needed to just eat out of our pantry/freezer for a few weeks before going to buy groceries. 

I was reading on MSheriff’s blog about the challenge she was participating in, Eat From The Pantry Challenge.  I decided that in an effort to get back on budget a bit and recover from the holidays, I too would particpate in this challenge.

I had $29.40 left in our grocery budget.  After church this morning we headed out to wisely spend our $29.40.   Our first stop was at Sam’s Club.  We bought pop-tarts for my BIL’s lunches and French Bread.   I counted the food for my BIL as well as we provide all his food for his lunches as part of his room and board.   His food items are not things I would normally buy.  We spent a total of $9.76 at Sam’s.

Next, we headed to Aldi to purchase the rest of our groceries for the next two weeks.   We spent a total of $17.61 at Aldi’s.  


 Our grand total for groceries for the next two weeks was $27.37, WOW!!   $2.03 under budget.   I can’t believe we did it. 

You might be saying to yourself, how much could they have bought for less than $30.00??   More than you would think really…..gotta love Aldi!


Is your pantry or freezer overfull with food??   I challenge you to join me and plan you next week of meals from your pantry!   It is a great way to get back on budget for the new year!!

Happy Savings!!!

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  1. I love the challenge of cooking meals for entire week without going to the grocery store.  Today I was rummaging around in the pantry taking inventory.  Now I need to sit down and make a list of the meals I can make based on what we already have.  Since it’s going to be so cold this week I’ll be taking soups out of the freezer a couple of nights this week.  Soup and grilled cheese, yummy.

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