Papers here, papers there….

The start of school brings paper and more paper into your home.As if it isn’t hard enough to keep up with the mail, now add daily school papers!


Last year I had a folder for each child and the things I was involved in.This did not work well for me at all.I would always forget the folder I needed and wouldn’t have it with me.So this year I re-vamped my system.I do that a lot, I try one way for a year or 6 months and if that doesn’t work for me, I change it.I am always looking for the best way that will work for me!!


This year I have a three ring binder that is very colorful.I can always find it on my desk.I have 5 sections in my binder to organize my papers.The following are my current sections:

1.MPTP – Parent Organization (I am treasurer)

2.Tuition Bucks/Scrip Program(I am Co-coordinator)

3.School Info (Tommy and Erik’s school info including school calendar and phone #)

4.Book Group – (I am secretary – I send out the reading list, etc)

5.Blog/Website/Internet – notes about blog items/ideas


IMG_0761 IMG_0762


I take this binder with me to work each day.If I need information for any of things I am involved with, it is right with me.For me it is all about containing papers for easy location.In the front pocket of my binder I keep short term items that I might need to refer back to such as invitations.


School Papers – each year I start a new file folder in my file cabinet to keep art projects and special school papers from the year.Ever art item Tommy brings home does go onto the closet door along with the monthly calendar items that are there.He likes to showcase his items for a while including his spelling test for the week!


Mail – I will admit I only go through my mail once a week.I let it pile on the table/desk at home until the weekend and then I clear it off and organize things.


Phone Numbers:Each year I update the list of important phone numbers kept on the side of our fridge.I make sure all numbers for school, bus company and medical providers are on there.This has been very helpful to my hubby so he can very quickly call the school or bus company if one of the kids is sick.

I know there was more I wanted to about this subject…..can’t think of it, right now.  Share with us how you keep the important papers of your life organized!!

HOMEWORK:  Make a deicision about what system you feel will help you keep your paperwork together for this upcoming school year.  Is is a folder, a 3 ring binder or something else?  Get whatever you would like to use ready for the school year!




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  1. I’m very impressed Jen! I haven’t figured out how to organize all the STUFF! For the Scrip program and Tuition Bucks I have the 3-ring binders and now a file cabinet, but my home papers are never organized and it drives me crazy! Thanks for the ideas!Cori

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