Can you Believe Your Eyes????

Read all about it…..TOMMY’S ROOM IS CLEAN!!!   Since I was unexpectedly off of work yesterday, I put my afternoon to good use.  I shoveled out cleaned Tommy’s room!   Two garbage bags of toys made there way to goodwill.  Four grocery bags of clothes given to a friend and two grocery bags to the garbage!!   These pictures are prrof that I *do clean his room!  I hope it stays this way for a while. 

tom's room

As you can see I am still not done with painting in Tommy’s room.  I finished his pirate blanket for his bed and gave that to him for Christmas.  But the last mural on the wall has not been worked on in a while.  It is my plan to have it all done before school starts!!   The only other thing left is to sew some curtains 

  toms room 2

The shelves are still a bit messy, but they are better.  I need to go through the books and donate some more to the school library!

tom room 3

Trust me this is a vast improvement to what it was looking like.  You can now even open the closet without an avalanche.   Such small improvements make me happy!  I am trying to get things pretty clean around here before we leave on vacation.  I hate to come home to a messy house after a nice relaxing vacation!!!

Have a Great Day!!!

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  1. I think you’ve done a great job and your murals are awesome. I’m really impressed!

    We had to sift through books several times as the girls became older. I gave a bunch to a daycare down the street – the one Luci used to attend. When I notice no one is interested in reading a book, I clear it out. I’m a bad enough book collector, no sense making my girls save more than they need, too!

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