Happy and Annoyed….

I just got back from the Dr and have a new diagnosis, but it is one I have suspected I had for the last 5 years or so.  I am diagnosed with IBS.   I am happy as I knew this was not normal and I was sick of living like this.  Annoyed, because I have had this since I was probably 5 years old.  Trust me this is alot of years to be annoyed and embarassed with the symptoms.   I wish I would have pursued this more to see if there was something to be done earlier in life.   The last time I spoke to a Dr about it was about 15 years ago.   I love my Dr, she is wonderful and very helpful. 

I do have to agree to having some tests done.  One in particular I have been avoiding for YEARS!!  But time to get serious about this and take control of this.  Maybe some day I will be able to surpise my hubby and go for a long walk with him instead of being scared to be too far from a bathroom. 

I am hopeful………………………………………………………

Jen C   


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  1. I have similar symptoms without that diagnosis. Yes, it is embarrassing and “I need to go” is something my husband takes seriously! Praying right now that you are led to someone who can give you some relief and allow you to control your life, instead of your body controlling it!

  2. @cherylyn_p – LOL…yes, my husband takes “I need to go” very seriously!!  He has broke a few speeding rules getting me to a bathroom.   The family joke is that I should write a tour guide for the bathrooms in MN as I have probably stopped at every one at some time in my life!  

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