Today is another Day…..

I was up at a good time this morning.  I was able to do Tommy’s homework with him and review the school lunch menu with him for the month before going to school.  He never wants to eat any of the school food.  Which I suppose is good, but I hate making lunches.  I always forget and then am running around trying to throw something together in the morning. 

I was at my office by 9:20 this morning and on time for my 10:00 meeting.  Always a good way to start the day.   My van is in the shop so I am driving a 2008 Honda Accord, which is weird.   I haven’t driven a car in ages.  My van is getting it’s 100,000 mile service and I hope to drive it for at least 50,000 more!!   I put alot of miles on every year, so we will see.  So far it has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. 

Today the new staff for Erik is starting.  I hired a person to be there today and train her in my absense.  I hope it goes well.  I hope they find all the training info I put together for them yesterday. 

Tomorrow, Erik can return to school and the staff person will be alone with him for the afternoon.   I have book group tomorrow as well so I won’t be home until 10:00 or so.  I am looking forward to and wanting to avoid book group all at the same time.  I think it is the mood I am struggling with, but I would rather not be around any people at all!!  A hard thing to accomplish when you are a social worker and live in a house full of people!! 

Friday, I am taking the day off as I volunteer in Tommy’s school in the morning and than will be training Erik’s staff in the afternoon.   I will be home and spend time with the family on Saturday and then return to work on Sunday.   I am so busy and under such difficult deadlines that I have to work every weekend.  I hope to take some time off in April to just relax and rejuvenate. 

I am in between appointments and hanging out at the local library until it is time for my next meeting.  I am off to get ready to head out!!  After my meeting I have to go pick up my van and return the rental car.  Bummer…..then race hom eand make stuffed Manicotti for supper tonight and watch American Idol, my guilty pleasure.  I just love that Danny Gokey of WI and Alexis Grace of TN!!!!

Have a great day!!!

Jen C

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  1. I normally LOVE American Idol, but haven’t watched any of it this year. I’m so busy and I hate to be committed to a TV show! Of course, with all that’s going on around here I may be “committed” whether I like it or not – just not to a TV show!

  2. One of the teachers at school eats PB&J every day. She gets a loaf of bread, makes the entire loaf into PB&J and then freezes them all. She pops them in her lunch box every day and they are defrosted by lunchtime.

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