What else can you say, but BRRRRRRRRRRRRR.  I am dreading heading out to work.  I need to fill gas too and it is so cold.  Our thermometer is reading at -22 degrees.  Yes, that is a negative before the 22!!  I can’t wait until this cold front moves alone.  Today will defintiely be a long john wearing day!!!  I am more appreciative of my new windows on days like this!

So keep warm folks!!!  Well I am off to get Tommy ready for school and head to work!

I am spoiled rotten!!  Hubby had gotten me my wii fit for my birthday, but this morning he bought me a new laptop! has a very good deal on a tablet if you are in the market for a new machine.  Only $5.00 shipping, you can’t beat that!

Jen C


  1. Oh my goodness, here too! Currently it’s 24 below and the high today is supposed to be -2, without windchill! I’m seriously considering keeping Sam home from school today-it’s been like this all week and I’m sick of it!

  2. That’s purty darn cold there, darlin’

    Despite our 19° day, I carried my coat and held it in front of my throat when I had to run into a building. Not the brightest bulb on the tree . . . I know!

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