Back to Reality….

Tomorrow it is back to work.  I am ready and not ready at the same time to return to work.  I wish I would have gotten more done around the house and read a few more books.  But i like the structure of work as well. 

Yesterday we went and got groceries.  I was a bit over budget, but no name steaks were on sale and we bought a number of those.  I do think that the food I bought could be stretched to last about 3 weeks.  So I hope that will help.

Grocery Totals:

Aldi – 124.31 – this did include a fair amount of meat
Cub Foods – 116.22 – this included 4 boxes of no name steaks and smart ones for my lunches.

Total = 240.53 – if this only lasts 2 weeks than I am about 40.53 over budget.  But if I can stretch it to last three weeks, then I am under budget!!!

Time to go clean up the kitchen and do some more laundry.  Later!

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