My Night of Gulity Pleasure…..

What a title, eh??   Well don’t get too excited, it is me we are talking about here.  LOL!!   My hubby is so great, he let me have a little night away this evening.   I had a meeting in Duluth today and got done with my meeting around 4:00.  Instead of driving the 2.5 hours home, I am staying over night!!   What a wonderful gift.   These small breaks are amazing at rejuvinating me.  

Every once in a while a few hours alone is fabulous!!  I can spend all the time I want on the computer and working on my various projects.   I can read a book for hours on end, take a long hot bath.   So those are all the guilty pleasures on my list for tonight.  

I just checked into my room and it is very nice and sooo quiet.   I just love having silence in my life.  I even got a room with a window as I thought I would have an interior room.   I stopped at Target and did a bit of Christmas shopping and bought the book we are reading for book group next month.  

I think I am going to head down stairs and have an early supper and then curl up in bed with my book for the evening!!   No laundry, dishes, cooking, or childcare for me tonight.  

Isn’t my hubby just the best……………


One thought on “My Night of Gulity Pleasure…..

  1. You horrible, horrible thing. How wretched of you to post such a message!!! I have just returned after a 5pm trip to Wal-Mart on Friday (the day before the 15th) and you can only guess what that experience was like with 3 daughters in tow!!!!

    I’m sitting here relaxing for a minute before I have to get up and slave over the stove so my family can have dinner AND THEN ALSO welcome my granddaughter, who is spending the night.

    You are C-R-U-E-L!!!

    And, not only that . . . I hope you enjoy every single minute of your alone time!!!! You deserve it!

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