Grocery Shopping….

This weekend we went shopping for two weeks worth of groceries.   We all went, Hubby, BIL, Tommy and I.  This can be a recipe for over spending, but it went ok!

ALDI -102.76

Extras bought at Aldi = Half a Pork Loin – 15.17
Hubby cut up the pork Loin and made about 20 Pork Steaks, which he separated into meals and froze. 

Festival – 55.88
Extra Bought at Festival – Pork Loin Sirloin Roast – 12.77
I should have cut this into two pieces, but didn’t think of it.  I will need to make it stretch for two meals.  Any ideas what to make with left over pork roast???

Total – 158.64 / 2  = 79.32 per week.  

I was slightly over my weekly budget of 75.00, but I bought some meat on sale for future meals.  I had money left over from last week as well.   I continue to save the money over from week to week so I can buy meat when I see it on sale, etc. 

Check out our menu for the next two weeks to see what we all bought, etc.  

Happy Monday!!!

Jen C


2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping….

  1. Good job, Jen!!!

    Leftover pork roast: Two ideas!

    1) Splurge and have warm sliced pork sandwiches (YUM!), or,
    2) Chop the pork, add barbecue sauce, heat and serve on buns.

    #2 could also be used for another lunch, if there are leftovers from barbecue pork dinner.

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