Tommy’s 7th Birthday Party………..

 To say I feel overwhelemed with our lives right now would be an extreme understatement.   Seems lately all I can post are long updates of the going ons at our house.   I was looking forward to a laid back quiet weekend, but that doesn’t seem like it will be happening.   ARGH!

First, going back to last weekend!   Wow, was that even a crazy weekend.   Friday I was off of work and tried to get things done like buy groceries and things since my parents were coming for the weekend.   We were having a big Halloween Birthday Party for Tommy on Saturday morning so I spent the afternoon organizing a treasure hunt for the children.    I also went to buy some favors and decorate the house for halloween.   ARGH….

Saturday-   We had a kids birthday party in the morning from 10 until about 12:00.   Some of the kids parents forogot and they didn’t get to the party until later.  So we ended up not doing a few of the games.  But since we have  Wii the children waiting didn’t have any trouble staying busy.  


We had a Costume Birthday Party!   Tommy and I with the dummy in the front yard.  



All the party Guests……


We played a few games :  Bobbing for Apples


Halloween Twister


Pin the Tail on the Cat


And it wouldn’t be a party without a PINATA!!!

4 thoughts on “Tommy’s 7th Birthday Party………..

  1. Happy Birthday Tommy!  And way to go super mom for putting that awesome party together!  Looks like it was a lot of fun!  I can’t wait to have a house again to be able to do things like that!

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