I am off today as Erik does not have school.   I have so many things I want to accomplish today.  I hope I get some of it done.   I suppose getting off the computer would help.   ARGH…

This morning so far one electrician has come and I took Tommy to daycare.   Another electrician is coming at 1:00 to give us an estimate.


  • Get Winter Clothes Up (Tommy and Mine)
  • Bake Some Muffins
  • Laundry
  • Scrub Floors
  • Transfer Tom’s Mural to his wall

I am off to dig our winter clothes out of the basement.   Our basement is such a scary, messy place!!!!  I really need to clean up and organize down there again.


Jen C


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  1. I’ll be up in the attic later today fishing out winter clothes. I’m hoping they are right at the top of the stairs where they are SUPPOSED TO BE stored!

    But, we have to get the sun dresses out of the closets first.

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