Home Improvements to Begin….

 I am so excited our equity loan was approved and we are about to start the first of three major home improvement projects.   Last night we had Asphalt Specialties over for an estimate.   This morning we called and asked them to schedule the work.   I am so excited.  Yes, I am excited about asphalt!!!

Here are our before pictures:


As you can see our driveway is in need of repair.   It will be removed and a new driveway will be laid.   It will be similar in size, but the part that narrows off will be a bit further down the drive way leaving more room at the top of the driveway.   Since I was looking through the company’s book, I saw that they also do concrete.   I asked him to look at the front and back sidewalks/steps.  


As you can see from the above picture the sidewalk has sunk and all the water drains to under the step and towards our house.   We do have a sump pump, but it does run alot when it rains.  Hopefully this will help.   We decided to bite the bullet and have the front professionally done since he will be here anyways.   It did put us slightly over budget, but our windows are slightly under budget. 


Maybe you can see better from this picture that the sidewalk tilts towards the house.  So we are having a new front step and sidewalk put in.   He is going to make a more fancy front step which will be curved and will have more room for a waiting area, etc.   I can’t wait!


In the back….this is what Josh and hubby decided to do one day.  They dug up all the grass here as they were going to put in a patio.   We are having the sidewalk removed and the area prepared for the patio.   He will bring in the bobcat and correct the grade here so we have correct run off ,etc.    He will lay a rock base and then Josh and hubby can lay the pavers next summer.   I am extremely excited about this as I was upset about dealing with muddy dogs all winter!!  

I will have to show you pictures when they start work.  Wish us luck.  It is scary to be having all these major projects happening.   The plan is for all three projects to be done by Christmas!!

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  1. You have no idea how excited I am for you!!! Yes, I’m living vicariously through your home improvements!!! LOL

    Please DO take before and after shots. That’s what’s posted at my blog today.

    But, my before and after isn’t nearly as exciting as yours!

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