Where Did the Weekend Go………

I can’t believe it is Monday.  Our weekend was so busy that it was over and I hadn’t done a single declutter project or did laundry.  ARGH!!!

Friday I worked.  I came home and made Meat Ball Subs and relaxed for the evening.   We were in bed early as we were all tired after our first week of school.  


 Everyone was up early, but me.  I didn’t get out of bed until after 8:00.  I need to work again with getting up earlier, especially during the school week.   I would like to get more chores done in the morning as I don’t have time in the evening with school things etc. 

Tommy had a soccer game at 10:30.   He even scored one goal.  He was so excited.   We had to be there early as hubby was subbing in a coach as Coach Steve wasn’t able to come.  After the game we went to Cub to buy a few groceries and get stuff to make a dish to pass at the school picnic.

We came home and made lunch and our dish to pass.   We then all laid down and Hubby and I fell asleep.  OOOPS….we wont up at a bit after 3:00.  We were suppose to be at the picnic at 3:00.   So we got everything together and then went to the Hanson’s farm in Hugo for the all school picnic.   It was alot of fun.  The boys went on a hayride and we enjoyed visiting with other parents for the afternoon.

We left the picnic around 7:00 and headed to Fleet Farm.   We needed to buy a dog clipper.  I tried to groom Teddy to save a bit of money, but the clippers I had didn’t work well enough.  We bought some as I don’t plan on paying to have him groomed very often anymore.  It is too expensive.  Once home it was time for bed.  


We made our way back to church.  we have been terrible about attending church all summer.  It felt so good to be back at church and see our church family.   We signed Tommy up for Sunday school and attended service.  We came home and changed clothes and returned to church for the Rally Day celebration.   We ate lunch at church and then visited and played for a bit.  Our neighbors were there with their son and granddaughter so we spent some time with them.

After Rally Day, Josh came over and we went to IKEA.  We bought 5 bookcases to go in the office/guest room.   I am hoping to have all books in that room instead of in different places in the house.   Josh and Amy went with to IKEA.   After shopping we decided to go to Raising Cane in Apple Valley.  A Favorite place to eat.  

After eating we came back home and I started on Laundry and paid bills.   My allergies are just terrible, which is making me miserable.   My eyes itch so very much. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!   

Jen C

One thought on “Where Did the Weekend Go………

  1. “I can’t believe it is Monday. Our weekend was so busy that it was over and I hadn’t done a single declutter project or did laundry.”

    Ooo! Ooo! (stretching arm high in the air) I know the answer! I know the answer “why” to this one! Ooo! Ooo!

    Re-read what you *did* do and it should explain what all you DID accomplish. It just wasn’t house “stuff”!!!!!!!!!

    What a whirlwind of a week-end!

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