That’s Better……

Hey Everyone!   Since we are going to be out shopping most of the day for Erik.  I got up early and decided to paint a bit.   Remember how I didn’t really like Tommy’s name that I painted.  


They just really didn’t stand out from the wall color.   So I set out to fix that and here is what I came up with!!


I used a piece of poster board and made a scroll stencil.   I like this better as the letters stand out more.  I still haven’t gotten to his 1st mural as this took me a while to figure out.

Next Up…..


This cork board will be transformed into a very pirate themed bulletin board for above Tommy’s desk.   Hubby had a great idea so now we just have to see if I can pull it off!!!  

I am off to try and get a coat of paint on it before be head out shopping.  Have a great day!!!!

Jen C

6 thoughts on “That’s Better……

  1. I do like the redone look of his name cause now you can see it better against the tan instead of the blue wall. good job! 😉  you are very creative.

    I’ve decided to paint my office soon, which i hate painting, but it’s a small room so it should go by quickly. 🙂

    Have a relaxing blessed Sunday! 😉

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