Change of Plans….

I had planned on working on Tom’s room most of today, but hubby had a different idea.   He spent the entire morning outside harvesting in the garden.  So my afternoon was spent freezing 2- 5 Gallon buckets of green beans, which are now safely in the freezer.   I froze a few heads of Brocolli.   I cut up and flash froze the 6 greeen peppers from our garden.  I then cut up our cucumbers and am making refrigerator pickles. 

I tried this recipe…but had to triple the brine to actually have enough for ice cream bucket full.   I have never made these so I hope they turn out.  I didn’t want to get out all my jars and things to make pickles today!!


Green pepper


1 c. sugar
1 1/4 c. vinegar
1/4 c. salt, scant
1 1/2 c. water

Slice thin, cucumbers, onion, celery, green pepper. Put in plastic container along with dill and garlic. Boil brine mixture and let cool. Pour over sliced pickles and refrigerate. Ready to eat in two to three days, keeps well.

Now I have to finish up the pickles and then I need to clean up the kitchen.  I also need to get a couple of loads of laundry done before heading to bed.   This was been an extremely busy weekend!!!  

Jen C

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