South Dakota Trip – Part 1….

 Here is a little picture blog from when Tommy and I went to South Dakota to spend time with my parents.  Tommy and I drove to South Dakota on July 3rd.  It was a pretty uneventful trip, except we had to come back home after we had left as I forgot my nebulizer.  I couldn’t take a chance of being out of state without that!

We got to my parents in time for supper.  We also went to buy some fireworks and shot a few off before going to bed. 

On July 4th we headed out for a walk.  We went for a walk at least once a day, but generally more than once.  Tommy needs to be pretty active.   We stopped at my uncles house on our walk.  He lives two blocks from my parents.   He has an organ and Tommy LOVED playing that!!

Jenny Tommy Vivian July 08 (1)

Tommy on the piano at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. 

Jenny Tommy Vivian July 08 a

Tommy, Me and Grandma while visiting my aunt and uncle.  Tommy started getting pretty goofy and naughty after this and it was time to leave.  He definitely had more energy to burn off!

After lunch we went to my other Aunt and Uncles house.  They live outside of Aberdeen and we could shoot off our fireworks at their house.  We all sat outside and enjoyed Tommy’s fireworks and chatted.  My uncle took Tommy to meet the horses out behind his house.  It was so incredible and I wish we would have had a camera with us.  The horses just loved Tommy and would both nuzzle up to his neck.  When we were done there we headed to a play at Storybook Land.


Over the weekend it was just Tommy, Grandma and I.  My niece was at my brothers for the weekend.  We went fishing and Tommy caught his first fish, but was quickly bored with holding the fishing rod.

 Wylie park has a kiddle pond for the kids to fish.  There were many little fishes nibbling at Tommy’s line.  You can barely make out that he even has a fish in this picture.

Also during the weekend we went to the movie and saw Kungfu Panda.  I guess it was an ok movie and I stayed awake for the movie!

100_1633 100_1632






Over the weekend we also of course went to little bookstore and the library!  You know I have to fit in reading and book acquiring in my vacation somewhere.




We also  tried to make it to the park a number of times!!  The park is only a couple of blocks from my parents home. 





100_1609Finally on Monday, Susan and her boys had returned to Aberdeen from visiting her parents.   Tommy could not wait for them to return.  They had stopped over to say Hi on their way out of town on July 3rd. 

Monday, Susan (my niece), her boys (Gracen and Samuel, my mom, Tommy and I went to the local water park/pool.  It was so much fun for the boys.  We spent about 4 hours there and they Gracen was not really interested in swimming anymore.  He just wanted to run and have us chase him.  So time to go! 

We had supper together and then the boys played for a while. 

Tuesday – We took all the boys to watch a play at Storybook Land.   I can’t remember the name of it.  It was about a shoemaker that made shoes for everyone from the Fairy Tales.  The boys all sat so well through the entire play. 


We spent some time walking around Storybook Land.  We visited Tommy’s favorite, the Wizard of Oz.  Tommy and Samuel held hands and headed to follow the Yellow Brick Road. 






The boys found Dorothy and Toto.  She was waiting for us at the beginning of the Yellow Brick Road.   This picture took a few tries to get them all standing there!!  LOL!! 





We even found the Tinman further down the road.  We went to Long John’s Silvers for Lunch and then everyone went home for naps.  Later that evening Susan and I tried to take the boys fishing.  That didn’t’ work out all that well.  Gracen wanted to run and try and get into the water.  Samuel’s fishing line got snagged and he lost his hook on his first cast.  Susan ended up taking the boys home.  Samuel was not happy about that. 


100_1621 After fishing for a bit, Tommy, Mom and I stop by the park to play before heading home.   It was a nice park and we enjoyed the time playing there. 

Tommy even got me out there playing with him!!  That was a thigh workout!!








That is all I have time for tonight!!  I am getting pretty tired.  I hope you enjoyed the peek into our vacation! 


Jen C

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